Honest Carpet Cleaning

We have no secrets! Our service is top-shelf and the results are amazing.
We believe in full transparency when determining the cost of carpet cleaning.
Let's face it, those 3 rooms for $119. deals are just to get in the door.
The add-on's start with deodorizing and protectant not to mention stains.

Our standard carpet cleaning includes :
Anti-Soil protection - Deodorizing - Sanitizing - EPA Registered Anti-Microbial

Our Proprietary Carpet Science

No other carpet cleaning company offers an E.P.A. Antimicrobial treatment in their service. Why? They can't afford to provide that level of cleanliness and protection at cheap bargin prices. Our E.P.A> registered product will prevent the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew on treated carpeting.

Stains and Soiling

We do not charge extra to clean a few small, organic stains like food or coffee but we may have to treat pet stains a bit differently. Let us know upfront the true condition or your carpeting and we will do our best to provide an affordable price.

We find that most pet "accidents" come out with our basic cleaning. See photo below.